Department of Energy
Analytical Services Program Annual Training Workshop
2020 Workshop Registration and Information
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Presentations from 2019

Day 1 - HRMM Training Session

HRMM Section 1 Radiological Material Management
HRMM Section 2 Waste Management Plan
HRMM Section 3 Chemical Hygiene Plan
HRMM Section 4 Sample Receiving

Day 1 – TSDF Training Session

DOECAP HazWaste and Generator Improvement rule
Env Compliance Auditing
Importance of Safety Discussion
OSHA Worksite Safety
TSDF Audit Guidance Document
TSDF Online Report Forms

Day 2 – General Session

ASP Procedural Plan
ASP Updates and Changes
Eckert Ziegler PT Program
ERA Radiochemistry Program
How to Become a TSDF Auditor
Observer Refresher
PFAS Overview EurofinsTA
Radiation Safety As An Auditor
The Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
What is PFAS - Cancelled OTIE

Day 3 – Lab Training Session

Data Management and Validation Workflow - GEOTECH
Lab Safety OSHA presentation
QSM 5.3 Preparing for 6.0
Web-Based Data Management - Synectics