Department of Energy

Lab Sessions (2022) Presentation PDF's

Day 1

DOECAP ASP Laboratory Accreditation

Steve Clark

Laboratory Observer Role

Gene Kumamoto

PFAS Analysis and Accreditation at Vista Analytical / Enthalpy EDH

Jamie Fox

PFAS Accredited Laboratories – Hurdles and Other Challenges

Charles Neslund

PFAS EPA Draft Method 1633 Laboratory Challenges

Jannie Shaw-Busby

Past, Present, and Future:
PFAS at Pace

Lindsay L. Boone

Veterans’ Employment and Training Service

James Scheppard

Brief Overview of Uniform Federal Policy Quality Assurance Project Plans

Jacob Williams

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) Update

Debbie Rosano & Hannah Hidle

PFAS & The Department of Defense

Janice Willey & Alyssa Wingard

Method 1633

Janice Willey

Day 2

Data Verification, Validation, and Usability Assessment at the DoD

Melinda McClellan

How to Request Audit Summary Reports

Heather Garrett

ERA Radiochemistry and PFAS Program

Brian Miller

Practical Considerations to Sourcing Fit for Purpose Proficiency Test Material

Larry Jassin

Strange Tales from the Nevada Test Site

Joseph Kent

Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Center Laboratory Analysis Workshop

Sean Fournier & Lynn Jaussi

Day 3

Data Management and Validation Workflow

Dr. David W. Rich

QSM 6.0 Update

John Gumpper

QSM Module 8, Quality Systems for Industrial Hygiene Testing

Gary E. Griffin, PE

DoD/DOE QSM Version 5.4 Waivers

Tessa Landry